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What is Production Music / Library Music ?

Production music or library music is specially composed music for use in audiovisuals, Radio, TV productions, films,  multimedia, commercials, etc. The music is predominantly instrumental, although nowadays we have more and more releases with vocals, and they are generally very easy to edit. Many tracks have a main version and various short versions, underscores, or alternate mixes.

MyDennisMusic contains  an extensive collection of styles ranging from classic to the latest rock,pop and dance. Just type any search word you can think of and you should find the appropriate music for your production..

How can I download tracks?

First you can register for free on our website. Then you can download in either MP3 320 kbps or wav files. Just click on the options next to the track you want. If you are not logged in you can only listen to the tracks.

Our site is only intended for professional music users.

In which formats can you download music?

You can download our music in MP3 (320kb / s) and WAV format

How can I change my company name, address, password etc?

When you are logged into MyDennis Music you can update all your details in the 'my data' section of the website

How can I save my tracks?

There are two ways to do this. You can download the tracks directly onto your computer or hard drive. You can also create projects and save your selections there. 

Are the tracks also available on CD?

Most of the tracks on the website are also available on CD's. Please contact us and we can send you whatever you need.

How can I search music on the website?

The search function is easy to use. You can just enter any search/ keyword word and hit 'Search'. If you obtain too many results you can simply enter another search word and hit 'Search within results'. That way your results are narrowed down very quickly. Or you can select in the main and subcategories.

You can also search everything by CD number, by label, by labelcode or by composer.

What is the price for downloading tracks from MyDennis Music?

Downloading from our website is free for professional users. You only pay for a track once the music is used in an audiovisual production. You must report what has been used to MCPS via their online system. You can find all the details of how to do this, including an overview of costs here. DennisMusicProductionMusicRateCard2013
UK ONLY - (please switch to dutch for other rates)
Alternatively you can also send a cuesheet directly to us. 

Some music used on radio or TV is covered by a blanket agreement between the broadcaster and MCPS. In this case use of music still needs to be completed on a cue sheet and sent to MCPS.

What is the Privacy Policy?

For more information about the Privacy Policy please refer to the Terms and Conditions section on the website.