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HDCD1322DANCE FACTORYDENNISMUSICA collection of the most current trends and grooves on the dance floor, from hip hop to chill out.Bekijk CD
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11/04 Fantastic new release from Mickey Smid. Music is an amazing thing! The right inspiring or motivational tracks can give your production a huge lift. On this album you will find 17 inspiring songs that will help to get your message across. An uplifting, positive and inspirational vibe without getting ...

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09/11 Our hottest new release is The Magic of Hits. Contemporary modern tracks inspired by the likes of Lost Frequencies, Avicii, Pharrell and Daft Punk. It's an infectious and hypnotizing collection with a strong focus on pop-friendly chart music, future house, EDM, dance and bass heavy rap. Also s ...

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20/04 Dramatic action rock with electro and dubstep elements, aggressive guitars and electronica. ...

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20/04 The best of Italian pop styles. Male and female vocals sung in Italian, instrumentals and underscores in authentic recordings. Click here to listen ...

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02/03 Are you a documentary or film maker? Perhaps you are always searching for the perfect music to create atmosphere, pace, drama and mood for your production. Dennis Music are delighted to announce a brand new series of CD's produced with you in mind. Documentary Tools is a series of 8 CD ...

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30/07 Easy create your own FREE account for downloading our music! Simply click on Register/Login and off you go! If you have any questions please email us on or call 0031-(0)356212761  ...

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29/04 Hi there! You have reached the music stream & download library of Dennis Music. We are a music publisher who represents international stock music labels. Besides that we have our own "Dennis Music" record label.  Our music is used in Television programs, commercials, radio jingles ...

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29/04 Are you interested in receiving new music every month? We are happy to inform you about new releases! Please send us an email on  ...

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Christmas marching band Classic Rock Prog Rocks! Summer playlist A bit more drama Movietracks! House & Dance tracks Lounge & Chill out sessions populair pop/rock Relaxed weekend! Oui Oui Paris Happy New Year! Kerst Sinterklaas Halloween